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True genius can not be rushed. In the case of the legendary lyricist GZA, time has always been on his side. With Pro Tools, GZA’s latest release and fifth solo album courtesy of renowned indie Babygrande Records, the masterful MC adds yet another lyrically stunning LP to his rich musical catalogue.

With another finely tuned project to his credit, GZA continues to hold his standing as one of the rap game’s most well versed lyricists. With the release of Pro Tools, hip-hop fans around the world will be able to catch an even deeper view into what goes on in the mind of a master. “I just think it’s a great piece of work,” says GZA. “It’s something that people will enjoy and will love to have. It’s needed.”

01. Intromental (Produced by: Dreddy Kruger)
02. Pencil (featuring Masta Killa & RZA) (Produced by: Mathematics)
03. Alphabets (Produced by: True Master)
04. Groundbreaking (featuring Justice Kareem) (Produced by: Bronze Nazareth)
05. 7 Pounds (Produced by: Black Milk)
06. 0% Finance (Produced by: Jose "Choco" Reynoso)
07. Short Race (featuring Rock Marcy) (Produced by: Arabian Knight)
08. Interlude
09. Paper Plate (Produced by: RZA)
10. Columbian Ties (featuring True Master) (Produced by: Bronze Nazareth)
11. Firehouse (featuring Ka) (Produced by: Rock Marcy)
12. Path Of Destruction (Produced by: Jay Waxx Garfield)
13. Cinema (featuring Justice Kareem) (Produced by: Arabian Knight)
14. Intermission (Drive In Movie)
15. Life Is A Movie (featuring RZA & Khan-Acito of Outlines) (Produced by: RZA)
16. Elastic Audio (Bonus Live Performance)

It's GZA, there's nothing more to say!!! Enjoy & support!!!!