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Since its initial commercial release in 2004, and following its unprecedented critical success, unsurpassable achievements on urban radio, and phenomenal reception by fans, press, DJs and taste-makers alike, Wordsworth's Mirror Music is back and better than ever! Due to popular demand, Halftooth Records is reissuing the classic debut album from Wordsworth with a fresh and exciting twist. Halftooth Records presents Mirror Music: The Deluxe Edition, the definitive version of the certified-classic Hip-Hop album from Brooklyn-bred microphone fiend Wordsworth. Now packaged as a limited edition 2-disc set, Mirror Music: The Deluxe Edition includes the entire 20-track original Mirror Music album from Wordsworth, PLUS a special bonus CD entitled Oddisee Presents The Mirror Music Remixes, featuring exclusive Mirror Music remixes by producer extraordinaire Oddisee. Wordsworth's Halftooth Records label-mate Oddisee re-crafted certain songs with his own unique and mesmerizing style, emerging from the lab with his own distinctive version of Mirror Music with an entirely new vibe and a refreshing musical and emotional landscape far different from the original. Oddisee carefully constructed entirely new beats to enhance and compliment Wordsworth's lyrics, even adding his own lyrics to certain songs, ultimately creating genuine new musical compositions. Wordsworth's unparalleled rhyming abilities and word-play matched with Oddisee's sensational production style is a triumphant combination that will be listened to and appreciated for many years to come. With a combined total of 30 tracks, Mirror Music: The Deluxe Edition is a truly special collection of music that is sure to please both those fans who already have the original album version and those who do not.

Mirror Music
1. "Right Now" (Prod. by Ayatollah)
2. "What We Gon' Do" (Prod. by DJ Static)
3. "12 Months" (Prod. by Da Beatminerz)
4. "Trust" (Prod. by Dox 1)
5. "Be A Man" (Prod. by DJ A.Vee & DJ 3D)
6. "Not Fair" feat. Punchline (Prod. by Curt Gowdy)
7. "One Day" (Prod. by Frequency)
8. "Gotta Pay" (Prod. by Oddisee)
9. "Shoulder" (Prod. by Frequency)
10. "Head High" feat. Kenn Starr & Oddisee (Prod. by Oddisee)
11. "Guardian Angel" (Prod. by Curt Gowdy)
12. "Point Blank" (Prod. by Sebb)
13. "Fast Lane" (Prod. by Belief)
14. "Don't Go" (Prod. by Frequency)
15. "Evol" feat. Justin Time & Masta Ace (Prod. by Ayatollah)
16. "Run" (Prod. by Dave Dar)
17. "Unity" feat. Meleni Smith (Prod. by R. Thentic)
18. "Gonna Be" (Prod. by Oddisee)
19*. "On Your Feet" (Prod. by Da Beatminerz)
20*. "That Way" (Prod. by Curt Gowdy)
*Bonus Tracks

DISC TWO (Bonus Disc)
Oddisee Presents the Mirror Music Remixes*
1. "Right Now (Oddisee Remix)" feat. Oddisee
2. "Trust (Oddisee Remix)" feat. Oddisee
3. "Not Fair (Oddisee Remix)" feat. Punchline
4. "Point Blank (Oddisee Remix)"
5. "What We Gon' Do (Oddisee Remix)"
6. "Run (Oddisee Remix)"
7. "Don't Go (Oddisee Remix)" feat. Oddisee
8. "Gotta Pay (Oddisee Remix)"
9. "Evol (Oddisee Remix)" feat. Justin Time & Masta Ace
10. "Gonna Be (Oddisee Remix)"
*All Songs Remixed By Oddisee

I'll keep this short, this is a damn classic from a lyrical genius. If you don't have this album, then make sure you add it to ya collection and rejoice in having one of the best hip hop albums to grace the stage. Throw in a bonus disc with 10 exclusive remixes from Oddisee and it gives you even more reason to cop it!!!