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As the founder of Fameless Entertainment, and signed to Newcad Entertainment, Input set out to create the ideal collective of artists that are capable of pushing the boundaries of the Hip Hop world. Input released his debut album “Elusive Candor” in 2006, which propelled him into the Denver Hip Hop scene in dramatic fashion. Touching upon his own personal trials and tribulations “Elusive Candor” made a bold statement as to the direction that Input wanted to drive his music. “A Radio With Guts” was his sophomore album and released in 2007 with a much different motive behind it. A deeper look into the life of loss, love, and insomnia created the foundation for “A Radio With Guts”. Input broadened his horizons and delivered a landmark album for his time. Now as the Fameless Entertainment family moves forward with their movement, Input created his new album “Pictureface” which is set to release June 24th, 2008 on Newcad Entertainment. This album promises to elevate the standards of this genre and electrify the listener in the most intimate of ways.

1. Pictureface
2. Life and Death (feat. Joanna Rubio)
3. Wheels In Motion
4. Out Of Tune (feat. Grounded1)
5. Damn It Feels Good To Be Input
6. Diamonds On The Inside
7. Dead Weight
8. Old Fashioned
9. Mr. Bad Guy (feat. Reason The Citizen)
10. Metal On Metal
11. I Dreamed Of A Place...
12. Open Sea
13. Walking In Circles
14. Stormy Weather
15. Exhausted Patience
16. Dial Tones (feat. Satyr and Grounded1)