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In a rap junkyard filled with rims, custom seat covers, candy coats and dubs, it's the Short Bus Alumni (aka SBA/The Bus) that's taking audiences on a ride to Rap rejuvenation. Along the journey, SBA takes Hip Hop enthusiasts on a reminiscent, sonic tour of the old school starting with a dedication to rappers that laid the pavement then moving on to party themes and then social issues. Considered "peoplemover music," the rhymes and flow provoke listeners think, act, love, reminisce, chill, party or even change. The beats stick as well and set the tone as The Bus shifts gears through a variety of life-topics. A finely tuned machine, SBA's production emits an exhaustive sound whose melodic fumes get other MCs high with rappers delight. Like today's Mustang and Charger, the Short Bus Alumni reminds audiences of Hip-Hop's glory days yet offers a contemporary vibe that connects with listeners regardless of age, race or geography.

Although The Bus resides and refuels in the ATL, the group's sound can't be categorized by a specific U.S. region. As a matter of a fact, any categorization of SBA will get you the "gas face" as the group believes that putting Hip Hop in compartments puts the progress of the Hip Hop culture in reverse. Made mainly of six distinct styles that were manufactured in North Carolina, Boston, Chicago, New York, Virginia and Portland, The Bus was assembled on the campus of North Carolina A&T in Greensboro, NC, or "Scott Projects" as some would say. A union of eclectic microphone-masters, the members are united in purpose and bound together by an unyielding desire to truly represent in an industry, and a world, currently tainted by doubt, rumors of decline and lack of dilution.

The Short Bus Alumni is planning for stops in every hood, borough, suburb, cul de sac and crib. Driven by group members Ansom (The Beboy), Raydar Ellis, Catch Phrase, ContraDICTION, RhImeStone and RuDi Devino, The Bus is on a roll and passengers are urged to jump on for a once in a lifetime trip.

1. Yes We Are (Produced By: Raydar Ellis)
2. Go Team Go feat. Raydar Ellis (Produced By: Clokwork)
3. Dope Shit feat. Raydar Ellis (Produced By: Raydar Ellis)
4. Get It With The Fitted feat. Lyric Jones, Raydar Ellis (Produced By: Raydar Ellis)
5. Here We Come feat. Raydar Ellis (Produced By: Clokwork)
6. I'm In feat. Raydar Ellis (Produced By: N.I.K.K.I. Da Jukebox)
7. Stonelude (Produced By: Dr. Block)
8. Genacix feat. Raydar Ellis (Produced By: Raydar Ellis)
9. Hey (Produced By: N.I.K.K.I. Da Jukebox)
10. Either Way (Produced By: Skoty Bling)
11. Cross My Heart feat. Raydar Ellis (Produced By: Raydar Ellis)
12. Working On Better feat. Raydar Ellis (Produced By: Raydar Ellis)
13. The Bus feat. Lyric Jones, Orphan, Raydar Ellis (Produced By: Raydar Ellis)