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Jake Lefco is a New York-based, Philly-raised MC who has been around for a few years. He released his debut "And You Are?" in 2006, and "Missing Trooth" was supposed to come out some time last year, but is only now seeing the light of day. The title "Missing Trooth" refers to a tooth that got knocked out of Jake's mouth when he slipped in the shower. The concept of his missing tooth and the missing truth in music is a clear indication of Lefco's honesty and self-reflection as an MC, and his tendency towards puns as a lyricist.

"Missing Trooth" has good production and a very admirable sense of honesty and directness. Lefco's realness is a welcome break from all of the fictional drug dealers and ballers that populate hip hop. His delivery doesn't always make good on his promise, but his other qualities make this an album worth your time.

1. Comfort Zone (Produced By: Happ G)
2. When It Rains (Produced By: Happ G)
3. What It Is (Produced By: Happ G)
4. Teeth Chatter (Produced By: Happ G)
5. Solis feat. Keisha Hutchins (Produced By: Snuff)
6. Oh My God feat. Side Effect (Produced By: Snuff)
7. Down Deep (Produced By: Happ G)
8. Talk feat. Briz (Produced By: Happ G)
9. SleepWalk (Produced By: Happ G)
10. Heavier Shoes (Produced By: Happ G)
11. How feat. Ohsha Kai (Produced By: Happ G)
12. Cat's Out (Remix) feat. Reef The Lost Cauze (Produced By: Happ G)
13. Don't Lie To Me (Produced By: Happ G)
14. Life Goes On (Produced By: Happ G)
15. Deal With It (Produced By: Happ G)
16. Missing Trooth feat. David Dope (Produced By: Happ G)


Music video for "Comfort Zone"