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01. Intro (Prod. by Doug Infinite)
02. Rep That (Prod. by X-treme)
03. Evolution (Prod. by Soul Supreme)
04. Wortown (Prod. by Soul Supreme)
05. Sunshine (Feat. Raw Dukes & K-Slaughta) (Prod. by Soul Supreme)
06. So Alone (Feat. Co-D) (Prod. by Doug Infinite)
07. Destined For Greatness (DJ by Cutz)
08. Food For Thought (Interlude) (Prod. by Soul Supreme)
09. My Life (Skit)
10. My Life
11. Makin' It Harder (Prod. by Ski)
12. It Hurts (Prod. by Ski)
13. P.Y.T. (Prod. by First Class)
14. Lord (vintage version) (Feat. Lucky Dice) (Prod. by Dcon)
15. B.M.G. (Prod. by DJ Shame)
16. Men Of Valour (Feat. Wolves & Krumbsnatcha) (Prod. by Tarus)
17. Music Appreciation (Feat. Mass Appeal) (Prod. by Diamond T)
18. U B Hatin' (Prod. by Scram Jones)
19. Too Complex (Prod. by Vinyl Reanimators)
20. It's Your Life (Prod. by Vinyl Reanimators)

This album right here is a certified banger, slept on like a muthafucka! I think from 2003 onwards, underground hip hop has come on leaps and bounds and continues to crush the mainstream/commercial opposition to this very day! Trust me, you'll be bumpin' this album for days. The beats really stand out on this album, so much so that I had to put producer credits on the track listing, you'll definitely be wondering who produced the various beats on this album. L covers a lot of topics, mainly the trial and tribulations of day to day life, which most of us can relate to. At 20 tracks deep, there's bound to be a couple of mis-steps, i think there's also a couple of older singles thrown i there as the sound quality on a couple of tracks really dip but for 80% of the album, you get nothing but that raw shit, enjoy!