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"A Blind Man's Dream opens with "Tiny Coffins"—a classical guitar, the sound of children playing and gunshots. Ouch. And just when you think it's not going to hurt anymore—ouch—it hurts again. "Cardboard Neighborhood" (a collaboration with Connecticut's Benn Grim) flexes Plush Lush's lyrical skills and AdamBomb's expert production. Right when you get used to his carefree, jovial tone ("Plush—real name Leshanta / Came from Sri Lanka, mommy's little monster"), Plush Lush changes the mood entirely and raps the lyrics to Allen Ginsberg's "Rama Setu (Adam's Bridge)." A Blind Man's Dream is interesting, risky and political. And AdamBomb's production perfectly matches each mood the emcee presents. It's almost a disservice to call this Neighborhood Watcher a "local emcee," but for now, he is, and thank God. "

Plush Lush is an up-an-coming emcee out of Sacramento, CA and AdamBomb out of New Orleans, LA helms the beats. Together, they create a unique blend of hip hop that challenges trends but never forgets what is good about hip hop. Stay tuned for the full length LP Destroying All Lines out later this year! Spread the word!

01 01:22 Tiny Coffins
02 03:34 Word Life
03 02:31 Cardboard Neighborhood (Feat Benn Grim & DJ Flow on the cuts)
04 02:42 Whirling Dervish
05 00:56 Rama Setu (Adam's Bridge)
06 01:58 Menthe Leaf
07 02:49 Rebels Are Ghosts
08 01:44 True Altruist
09 03:06 The Last Landmine
10 04:36 Cease Fire

AdamBomb was kind enough to send this EP to me, this definitly deserves a spot on That Realness! Give this a listen and help support real hip hop!