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What do you get when you take louis logic’s 2003 cult classic debut, mix it with beats made from the hottest tunes of the 1980’s and sprinkle in an incredible list of featured guest appearances? “Sin-A-Matic: the 80’s Edition"!

01. Sintro
02. Street Smarts featuring Mac Lethal
03. Freak Show featuring Reef the Lost Cauze
04. Majik's Meltdown featuring Majik Most
05. Diablos featuring Celph Titled & R.A. the Rugged Man
06. Dos Factotum featuring iCON the Mic King
07. Coochie Coup
08. Postal
09. Mischievous
10. Halfway Stretch
11. Best Friends featuring Apathy & J-Zone
12. Revenge!!! featuring Celph Titled & Chuck D
13. Fair Weather Fan featuring John Oates
14. The Rest
15. The Ugly Truth
16. Idiot Gear featuring Eternia
17. Dust To Dust