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1. LSD Jam '05
2. The Showdown
3. Flash Fire
4. Million Real Mutha Fucka March
5. Riot Music
6. The Set Up
7. On The Creep Up
8. Moe Moe
9. No Mercy On You Bitches
10. Gonna Get You (Karma)
11. That le Gangsta Shit
12. Puff Another Blunt
13. Gotta Be A Better Way
14. The Break Through
15. The Heat Is On
16. Concrete Jungle
17. You Bitch Ass Niggas
18. Los Pumas Ganan
19. Water Under The Bridge
20. American Funk
21. Gangsta Ride
22. I'm A Hustla
23. Think Big
24. Exposing The Fakes
25. Remember When
26. Summertime Picnic
27. Concentration
28. You Can't Win vs. The Family
29. F.U.N.
30. It's '05 And Your Still On That Shit?
31. Peddlin Music Is Alright
32. Los Pumas Ganaron Otra Ves
33. Double Mole 7
34. Bad Intentions
35. Back 4 More

Yes, instrumental albums are highly underrated so I thought I'd start uploading some dope instrumentals to quench ya thirst for speaker wreckin' beats. This is the first of many I'll be uploading. This album is by one of my favorite producers and probably one of the finest in hip hop period, Panik! He's a member of the infamous Molemen production team including Memo & PNS who have been making beats for some of the dopest underground artists for the longest time now. Don't sleep... and keep an eye out for more instrumental albums I'll be upping in the future.