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The year was 1995. Somewhere in Brooklyn, NY, after years of spitting rhymes solo and crossing each others paths, four former advisaries buried the hatchet. They combined their talents and made history. ILL BILL, Goretex, Sabac Red and DJ Eclipse formed Non Phixion and jumped directly in the studio. Within six months, they released their debut single, "Legacy" b/w "No Tommorow" followed by an onslaught of critically acclaimed 12" singles that have sold over 100,000 copies combined.

After solidifying a world-wide cult following and releasing countless 12" singles over the past 7 years, Uncle Howie Records finally released Non Phixion's highly anticipated debut LP, "The Future Is Now". Along with the assistance of legendary producers DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Large Professor, "The Future Is Now" features guest appearances from Beatnuts, MF Doom and the nefarious Necro. In Addition, rockers Christian Olde Wolbers & Raymond Herrera from Fear Factory and Deftones guitarist Steph Carpenter get down as well. In the short 9 months since it's release, the album has sound-scanned close to 30,000 units in the US and sold over 60,000 units worldwide.

01. Futurama (Prod. by Necro)
02. Drug Music (Prod. by Large Professor)
03. The CIA Is Trying To Kill Me (Prod. by Necro)
04. If You Got Love (Prod. Pete Rock)
05. There Is No Future (Feat. Necro) (Prod. by Necro)
06. Uncle Howie
07. Rock Stars (Prod. by DJ Premier)
08. Say Goodbye To Yesterday (PRod. by Necro)
09. Black Helicopters (Prod. by Necro)
10. Strange Universe (Feat. MF Doom) (Prod. by Necro)
11. Cult Leader (Prod. Dave One)
12. It's Us (Prod. by Large Professor)
13. Suicide Bomb (Feat. Al' Tariq, The Beatnuts, Marley Metal & Moonshine) (Prod. by JuJu)
14. Where You Wanna Go
15. We Are The Future (Prod. by Large Professor)
16. The CIA Is Still Trying To Kill Me (Prod. by T-Ray)

Do I really need to add anything to this post?... nah!!! One of the most important hip hop albums released this decade, period!!!