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Barak Yalad: Growing up in Roxbury and Springfield, MA, and now residing in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, Barak Yalad has experienced first-hand the challenges facing youths in inner-cities. Indeed, his music can be described as poetry of the street. Barak released his first full-length album, A Loss For Words, in November 2007 on Rawkus Records, the same record label that jumpstarted the careers of other socially conscious hip-hop artists like Talib Kweli and Mos Def. A Loss For Words has been acclaimed for its rugged and raw style and its hearkening back to the politically aware hip-hop of an older generation, rather than the materialism of much of today’s hip-hop. Most recently, Barak opened for KRS-One during the College Music Journal Festival in New York, and had his song “Bewitched” added to the official mix-tape of the Boondocks cartoon on the Cartoon Network.

Listen to track 7, "Lion"

01. Intro
02. The Beginning
03. Music
04. Bewitch feat. Trouble T
05. Beautiful
06. The Release
07. Lion
08. Times Change
09. Linguistics
10. So Cool
11. False Prophets
12. Crop Cream

Sick Rawkus 50 release, Barak is real nice on the mic and you got up-coming producer, Young Cee (Special Teamz, Kenn Starr, Little Brother) supplying some heat. (Lion, Bewitch), Don't sleep!