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01. Each Morning
02. More and More
03. Close Your Eyes
04. Drop Squad
05. Cap'n Save A Hoe!
06. 4 Luv feat. Big Nay
07. CONspiracy Theory
08. The Investor
09. Seems Like

Notes from NYOIL:

I've returned to build further. with the Digital release of 9 Wonders (NYOIL verses 9th Wonder).
This Digital EP is a free download sponsored by PEMG (Petroleum Empire Media Group) my label, and Various Blog sponsors who have agreed to host the download. It is a step towards building solid business partnerships between new media and indie Artist.
9 Wonders - is a departure from HoodTREASON. Where HT was more geared towards traditional Hip Hop and the whole Boom Bap of it. Driving beats and aggressive verses.. 9 Wonders is delving into the Contemporary Hip Hop Foray. It has a mellower feel with more emphasis on lyrical content and telling clear stories. This is the sort of album you sit back and discuss with your friends or during class. It has expectations of the listener, it expects you to be aware of current events. to be a free thinker, have a degree of social consciousness, and be an avid listener of lyrics. You see, good music Hip Hop or otherwise should challenger the listener to do something. if not dance. then to think, to feel, to dream and to reflect. This is what 9 Wonders endeavors to do. So with no further ado Enjoy your free download here!

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