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Twenty-something Access Immortal has always been an enigma most fail to truly comprehend. His quiet demeanor has caused many to underestimate his skills as an MC. Born in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, Access spent his formative years honing his talent on the same streets that have given us Mos Def, Masta Ace, and the late great Biggie Smalls. After completing a brief stint as a college man, Access Immortal interned at the world famous Fat Beats. There, he spent most of his time digging through crates; looking for beat to complement his style which has been described as an eclectic mix of Nas, Talib Kweli, and old school Prodigy. On his mix CD Limited Edition, Access Immortal brilliantly shows that audience his versatility with the crowd pleasing What You Thought it Was, the guitar riff filled Headkrack, and the grimy Home of the Brave pt2 featuring Def Jukie Karniege and the legendary Strongholds Poison Pen. im not concerned about making underground or commercial music, I just want to make good music is a quote poignantly captured in his work. And teamed up with producer Vanderslice of Low Class Hip Hop, Access Immortal does just that. With stellar performances at CBGBs, SOBs, the Pyramid, Nightingales, and various venues throughout New York and Philadelphia, this rapper has left a trail of dazed fans anxious for another taste of his raw and refreshingly original talent.

01. Intro [00:32]
02. Authentic Made (Feat. Smiley Da Ghetto Child & Breez Evahflowin) [03:40]
03. Resident Evil [03:27]
04. Get What You Deserve (Feat. Substantial Karniege & Breez Evahflowin) [03:58]
05. Born in the Ghetto [03:08]
06. Some Days (Feat. Wordsworth) [03:37]
07. Life is Dirty [04:06]
08. Strugglers Paradise (Feat. Insight) [03:17]
09. My Testimony [03:48]
10. The General [04:17]
11. Force of the Rush (Feat. Loer Velocity & Oktober) [03:00]
12. Bust My Gun [03:46]
13. Monday Night Raw [02:57]
14. Best Kept Secret (Feat. Young Sin & Karniege) [04:08]
15. Lost in Paradise [04:32]
16. Shallow Graves (Feat. Science & Vanderslice) [04:27]
17. Outro [05:02]

Producers: Vanderslice; Session 31; Insight; 7L; Green Steez; J-Zone

This album right here is a straight up banger, much better, in my opinion then the album he released last year, "American Me". Acc has a real smooth delivery and flows effortlessly over each track, back by some seriously dope beats and some big guest appearances from the likes of Wordsworth, Smiley Da Ghetto Child, Karniege & more, this is sure to be a classic in the near future, don't sleep!!!