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Hailing from Culver City, California, Presto is a fantastic producer with an organic and soulful sound.

Never one to be swayed by trends, Presto has always been able to focus his energy on creating quality music, he’s worked with Hip Hop luminaries like Sadat X, Large Professor, CL Smooth, T Weaponz, Fatlip, O.C., Sach, Kim Hill, Blu and LOWD.

He has created his own independant label ‘Concrete Grooves’ and with his new album ‘State Of The Art’, Presto demonstrates his skills as a producer.

1. Listen 0:38
2. Conquer Mentally (Feat. Sadat X, O.C., & Large Professor) 4:05
3. Street Sport (Feat. Ark of T Weaponz) 3:52
4. Pour Another Glass (Feat. Blu) 3:52
5. On (Feat. LOWD) 4:02
6. The Pressure (feat. Raashan Ahmad) 4:50
7. Higher (Feat. Mhax Montes) 4:31
8. Altered States (Feat. Wayward Saints) 4:43
9. Mass Quality (Feat. J Theory) 3:52
10. What's What (Feat Fatlip & Kim Hill) 4:09
11. Feel Me (Feat. T Weaponz) 4:47
12. Part Of Greatness (Feat. CL Smooth) 3:54
13. Let It Circulate (Feat. Dhurti Whoutr) 3:34
14. Plain Jane (Feat. Kim Hill) 4:49
15. Go (Feat. Trek Lite) 3:27
16. Still Here (Feat. IN-Q) 4:13
17. Outro 0:54
18. Conquer Mentally (Feat. Sadat X, O.C., & Large Professor) (Large Pro Remix) 4:05


Video for "Conquer Mentality"