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"The First Step" is a 16 track LP of original hip hop, primarily produced by DJ Theory and Tone. The Problemaddicts are a 5-man squad of emcees assembled by and including executive producer Tone, Vorheez, Force (also of The Alchemystics), Black Buddha (multiple freestyle tournament winner) and 1ne Man sound (also of Lyke Minds). Backed by 3-time Valley Advocate DJ of the Year and co-executive producer DJ Theory, they are Mystika Music's flagship act. "The First Step" is an album directed at listeners who remember and appreciate what true underground hip hop is all about, and are sick and tired of the commercial radio.

Listen to track 9, "Hurting" feat. Masta Ace

1. True To The Essence (Intro)
2. Play The Cut
3. Five On Four
4. Checkmate feat. Planet Asia
5. I'll Be White Black
6. Strange Fruit
7. Freedom
8. Wheels Of Steel (Skit)
9. Hurting feat. Masta Ace
10. Sad State
11. Show Stoppers
12. Best Foot Forth
13. Keep On feat. Ray Hendricks
14. Days Of Hip Hop (Skit)
15. What It Seems
16. Rappers Are Repetitive



"Rappers Are Repetitive"