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AZ is known for his smooth, cadence of delivery. He is also known for his use of multi-syllable rhyme schemes, internal rhymes, unconventional rhymes, and a large vocabulary. reconizes AZ as "the greatest rapper as far as lyrics and longevity" his style and flow are instantly recognizable. AZ now teams up with DJ Absolut who currently has a show on Hot 97 in New York, as well as a reputation for keeping the hottest parties alive throughout the globe, DJ Absolut is the hottest young powerhouse in the game right now. AZ presents his new mixtape N.4.L (N***AS For Life) with all new material, original produced and mixed by DJ Absolut.

1. Introduction
2. Knowledge Freedom
3. The Secret feat. Charlie Rock
4. Heaven And Hell
5. 12 Jewels
6. Murder feat. Charlie Rock, Starkim
7. The Teks On Deck feat. KC
8. Negro Spiritual
9. Never Gonna Stop
10. Conspiracy
11. Runaway Slave
12. Nigga Games
13. I'm That Nigga
14. Original
15. I Just Wanna feat. Trey Songz, Sheek Louch & Max B
16. Self Savior