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The group 3rd Brillyance was formed in Germany in 2006 by members AlexChadwick and Madd Astronoma. The producer/MC duo met through a mutual friend. After low expectations of each others’ music they were blown away on the first listen and instantly knew they needed to work together. This chemistry is part of what makes their music so significant.

In February 2007 Rawkus announced the “Rawkus 50” competition where 50 independent rap artists would be chosen to release an album on Rawkus and given the opportunity to take their career from rapping on the corner to being supported by one of Hip Hops most trusted brands. 3rd Brillyance was one of the selected as their debut album “Grass Roots” was released around September 2007 on Rawkus Records. On their future releases the duo will keep representing honest Hip Hop. Not striving for a commercialised sound, they will continue to give true music from their hearts, wanting for people to respect them and recognize that they really do it for the love of the music.

01. Music is Real
02. Don't Be Ashamed
03. Feel This
04. For Sale feat. Bryna Sigurdardottir
05. Not A Product
06. Then Ya Gone
07. Gave U My Love
08. It's Hip Hop feat. DJ K-Krunk Da Drunk Azzazzin
09. Just 4 You
10. One Time
11. Not Suppose to Be Here
12. The N Word
13. Speak on it
14. Credit Due

One of my personal favorites from the Rawkus 50 collection... soulful, jazzy and a real throwback to the boom bap era. Definitely worth a look.