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This project is Bekay's album delivered to Rawkus Records as part of his membership into the Rawkus 50. The Rawkus 50 is an artist driven revolution comprised of the 50 next important hip-hop artists. "The Horror Flick LP" delivers an album loaded with complex imagery and clever wordplay over boom-bap style beats and razor sharp cuts. Featuring production from Shuko (Keith Murray, Saigon, Immortal Technique), BeanOne (Supernatural, Jurassic 5), Arythmetic (Doujah Raze) & Analogic. "Horror Flick" also includes guest appearances from El-Gant, Mr. Met, DJ Dutchmaster and more. The Horror Flick LP is the perfect supplement to hold over Bekay fans for the soon to be released Hunger Pains LP.

1. Intro (Prod. by Learnt Grimey)
2. Battlin' Myself (Prod. by Hectic)
3. Ready To Go (Prod. by DJ Krylon)
4. Deadly Potency (Prod. by Arythmetic)
5. I'm The Reason (Prod. by Returners)
6. A Legal Question (Skit)
7. Alphabitch (Prod. by Shuko)
8. Battlefield (Prod. by BeanOne)
9. You Wanna Test? (Prod. Shuko)
10. Don't Feel Good (Prod. DJ Krylon)
11. Dead End (Prod. by Analogic)