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Shabazz the Disciple is one of the originating members of the Sunz of Man, and was a featured Wu-Tang affiliate during the Wu's greatest years in the mid nineties. His lyrical style has influenced countless emcees including the late Big Pun. "The Becoming of the Disciple" is a journey through the early years of Bazz, showing his earliest recordings starting in 1994. Much of this album is rare or previously unreleased, as well as some of the classics every Wu-Tang fan knows and loves. Artists on this album include Gravediggaz, Sunz of Man, Beretta 9, RZA, Killah Priest, dead prez, Natruel, Mr. Eon, El Fudge, Wicked Will, Papoose, Freestyle, Ma Barker, Omen999, and others. Producers include RZA, RNS, 4th Disciple, Carlos Bess, DJ Choco, Moongod, Dropsect, Baby J, Supreme Kourt, DJ Muggs, Fokis, 7L, Freestyle, Sean C, D.R. Period, & Irfane.

1. Diary Of A Madman (Gravediggaz)
2. Death Be The Penalty
3. Crime Saga
4. 5 Arch Angelz feat. Sunz Of Man
5. Wrath Of The Lamb feat. Beretta 9 & RZA (Exclusive)
6. Graveyard Chamber (Gravediggaz)
7. Conscious Of Sin (Remix) feat. Killah Priest
8. Scattered People feat. Dead Prez (Exclusive)
9. Party Wit A Tec
10. I'm Breathing For You (Remix)
11. Thy Enemies (Exclusive)
12. Dem Brooklyn Niggaz (Remix)
13. Heist (Remix)
14. A Souljah'z Prayer (Exclusive)
15. Big Dakddy Anthem feat. Natruel, Mr. Eon, L-Fudge & Wicked Will
16. Ready You're Not feat. Papoose, Freestyle, Ma Barker & Omen999
17. Oasis (International Remix) feat. Massive Tone, Afrob, Shurik'N & Skills En Masse
18. Universal Souljahz (From BK To Marseille) feat. Shurik'N