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Combining the love and respect he has for the hip-hop culture’s past and ever-growing present, Philadelphia MC Side Effect is creating a path that defines hip-hop’s future. Described by journalists and fans as lethal, smooth, and quick tongued, Side Effect takes a chunk of his inspiration from the classic sound of the Golden Era artists (Rakim, Public Enemy, and Big Daddy Kane) and mixes it up with his signature style of cocky, explicit, and sarcastic punchline type rhymes. With 24 years deep into hip-hop, Side Effect is far from a new rhyme face on the block.

With the release of his third solo album, Dirt Hustlin’, Side Effect is staying on the grind - validating his place as a rightful leader of the new school. Let’s get one thing straight - he isn’t here to change the game instead Side Effect is representing the essence of the culture while maintaining true to his artistry. He’s proving to the world what he’s known for over 20 years: Hip-Hop is not a fad, trend, or novelty. It’s a way of life; his way of life.

1. Boom Chop (Prod. by Side Effect)
2. Superior (Prod. by Eyego Direct)
3. Goldmine (Prod. by Stress)
4. Grown Folk Rap (Prod. by Fredy Blast)
5. Game Plan (Prod. by Cimer Amor)
6. Gangsta Gangsta (Prod. by Stress)
7. Ooowee (Prod. by Eyego Direct)
8. Bad Dreams (Prod. by Jason Famous)
9. You For Real (Prod. by Happ G)
10. Da Truest (Prod. by Side Effect)
11. Man's 3 Wishes (Prod. by Cimer Amor)
12. Why You Frontin' (Prod. by Happ G)
13. Bring It On (Prod. by Stress)
14. Loyalty (Feat. Rasco) (Prod. by Cimer Amor)
15. On Your Mind (Prod. by Eyego Direct)

Dope album by a highly underrated MC. We know that Philly's got quality rappers out there and Side Effect is no exception. This is his third release so you know he's on that constant grind. He also recently appeared on the latest Snowgoons album on a track called "Knockatomi Plaza" and also appears on the debut album from CAEN Project. Don't sleep on this dope release. I spent good money on this so I hope you guys enjoy it. Lemme know ya thoughts...


Video for "Ooowee"