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An affiliate of M.O.P., the raspy voiced Teflon delivers a solid album for his debut. Short in terms of songs, only 10, 1 is almost a classic, 1 is ok, the other 8 are very solid songs. Guests rap on 1 song (M.O.P.) and do the hook on 2, so even though there ain't a lot of songs, you get a good deal of Tef on here. I heard him on some M.O.P. projects and his voice and flow stand out and he keeps it goin' on this album as well. Prodcution is decent. M.O.P. do 4 sogns, Laze E Laze, Big Jaz, and 4 people I never heard of all do 1 song. For M.O.P. fans or fans of that type of street hip hop get this one for your collection.

1. Gotta Get Ova
2. Shit Happens
3. My Will
4. Get Mine (featuring La Shonda Middleton)
5. Rawness (featuring M.O.P.)
6. Rise Up
7. Nigga Whut (featuring M.O.P.)
8. My Planet (featuring M.O.P.)
9. Game of Life
10. Off the Hook