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Listen to track 16, "Lift Your Mind"

1. The Sharpest Blade
2. Easy Going
3. $12.50
4. Repo Man
5. Push It Back
6. Passion Of The V
7. Fame...
8. Desperate
9. Old Time's Sake
10. Word Flu
11. Rhymes, Cuts, Bass, Drums
12. Heartless
13. The World Is On Fire
14. The Change Up
15. Going Back To Jersey
16. Lift Your Mind
17. Who Are You?
18. Fressshhh
19. The Streets

This is one of the dopest albums I've heard this year. Viro is unlike anyone in terms of style and delivery. A huge range of different beats on the album add to the originality and freshness of this album. Trust me, one listen was enough for me to order my own copy from cdbaby!


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