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Viro the Virus is one of the most lyrical and sought after MCs in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area. "Jersey's Finest" is Viro's third solo release, and his overall sixth album. The album features production by Caliph-NOW, STRESS, Eyego/Direct, and Decypher. Also featured on the album are appearences by Reef the Lost Cauze, Slim DSM, Side Effect, and Adam 12. Viro is known for his live show and fierce delivery.

01. Jersey's Finest [03:27]
02. Up & Down [05:02]
03. Heaven [03:33]
04. Almost Famous [03:51]
05. Do What I Gotta [03:29]
06. Low Latency feat. Side Effect [04:02]
07. Kid U Not [04:11]
08. Dream Team feat. Reef the Lost Cauze [05:12]
09. Shit Face [03:59]
10. Roddy Piper feat. Slim Dsm [03:30]
11. Honesty [02:56]
12. The Rap Up feat. Adam 12 [04:00]
13. Showtime [04:03]
14. Double Click [04:11]
15. Word Real [03:07]
16. Theme Song [03:20]

Don't sleep on this dope MC out of philly, if you like any A.O.T.P., Snowgoons, JMT shit then this is for you. He also appeared on the latest Snowgoons album on a track called "Starlight". I'll be posting up his new album "The Sharpest Blade" tomorrow... get ready for the pain!