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1. Silence & I (Prod. by Shuko)
2. The President's Wife (Prod. by Stoupe)
3. The Army (Prod. by Stoupe)
4. I Against I (Revisited) (Prod. by Stoupe)
5. Sibling Rivalry (Prod. by 7L)
6. On A Mission (Prod. by Sound Scientist)
7. Speak Now (Prod. 7L)
8. This Is War (Prod. by 7L)
9. Outro

Not sure how official this is, it's been floating on the net for a while so I thought I'd post it up coz I couldn't find it anywhere else. It's essentially A.O.T.P. material but from various albums and put together like a bonus cd. You should be able to know where each of these tracks were originally from. Enjoy!