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1. Intro (rhymes: Oddisee/ Beat: Tone Mason)
2. Once Upon A Mic (Rhymes: J-live/ Beat: Oddisee)
3. A Song For That (Rhymes: Oddisee/ Beat: M-Phazes)
4. Can I Catch A Break (Rhymes: 1st vrs- Oddisee, 2nd vrs Unknown/ Beat: Mudd)
5. iHate rap (Rhymes: YU/ Beat: Oddisee)
6. Delusional (Rhymes: 1st vrs Phonte, 2nd vrs Big Pooh, 3rd vrs Oddisee/ Beat: Oddisee)
7. Lost Without You Oddisee remix (Beat: oddisee)
8. Do Our Thing (Rhymes: 1st vrs Substantial, 2nd vrs Iomos Marad, 3rd Oddisee/ Beat: Oddisee)
9. Money On The Clock (Rhymes: Oddisee/ Beat: Roddy Rod)
10. Ride'n (Rhymes: XO/ Beat: Oddisee)
11. All Because She's Gone (Vocals: Phonte/ Rhymes: 1st vrs oddisee, 2nd vrs Phonte/ Beat: Oddisee)
12. 95 North (Rhymes: 1st vrs Lo-G, 2nd Akir, 3rd Enigma, Chorus: Oddisee/ Beat: Oddisee)
13. Soul Clap Remix (Rhymes 1st vrs Aziz, 2nd Jean Grae, 3rd Phonte/ Vocals: Josh Collins/ Beat: Oddisee)
14. Sand To The Beach (Beat: "" group that consist of Oddisee, Unknown & Kolai)
15. The Beginning (Rhymes: Hezekiah/ Vocals: Muhsinah/ Beat: Oddisee)
16. Random Verse (Rhymes: Oddisee/ Beat: Kev Brown)
17. Book Of Days (Rhymes: Soulstice/ Beat: Oddisee)
18. The Perch (Rhymes: 1st vrs Oddisee, 2nd vrs Phonte, 3rd Tor/ Beat: Flying Lotus)
19. Chain Letter (Rhymes: 1st vrs Kay, 2nd Zoin I, 3rd Brew, 4th Oddisee /Beat: The Are)
20. Chocolate City Dreaming (Beat: Oddisee)
21. Life's Pie (Rhymes: 1st vrs Don Will, 2nd vrs Fresh daily, 3rd vrs Finale/ Beat: Oddisee)
22. Represent (Rhymes: 1st vrs Kenn Starr, 2nd vrs Akir, 3rd vrs Oddisee/ Beat: Oddisee)
23. Camera (Rhymes: Oddisee/ Beat: Oddisee)

NOTE: This is not the official 101 Mixtape released on iTunes, this was given away free by Oddisee himself!