Monday, September 22, 2008 | Posted in , is a worldwide entertainment group based out of Philadelphia that has provided a platform for unsigned artists since 2003. Since then, with NO major promotion, advertising, or marketing, the site has managed to gain over 4 million hits from across the globe. Started by the Rowdee Black Giants (now Triple Nickels), offers exclusive video of live performances and skits and several online radio stations playing the latest hip hop, R&B/soul, and jazz.

Beat Garden Entertainment is a collective of Philadelphia-based MC's, producers, visual artists, and more who have made their mark on the local scene since forming in 2006. They have managed to score a sizeable online audience through their critically acclaimed releases and unmatched live shows.

Together, and Beat Garden Entertainment run things, simple and plain.

The Mixtape is a collection of the best MCs Philly has to offer over tracks ranging from raw and rugged ("Prepare for Glory," "Beware," "Too Real") to laid back and funky ("The Grind," "Stop Fronting," "A Little Taste"). This release from Beat Garden truly captures the company slogan of "Many styles. Many styles."

01. Prepare For Glory - The Fairmount Park Commission (Clean Guns & Triple Nickels)
02. Fuck Gloria Estefan - Clean Guns & DAME feat. Virus
03. Slingblade Flow - DAME & Nico The Beast feat. Tourguide Chuck
04. Put it on the Ritz - Triple Nickels & Zilla Rocca
05. Joey Zaza Interlude
06. The Grind - The Fairmount Park Commission feat. 2ew Gunn Ciz
07. PSA Freestyle - M.O.G. & Nico The Beast
08. Perfect Strangers - Black Russian & Zilla Rocca
09. Mr. Monday Nighter - M.O.G. (of Triple Nickels)
10. Too Real - Blessa & Nico The Beast
11. Born to Roll Freestyle - DAME (of Triple Nickels)
12. Stop Fronting - Triple Nickels & ASK?
13. Nico's Theme - Nico The Beast (of Clean Guns)
14. Life in the 80s - SleepE
15. Crooklyn Dodgers Freestyle - M.O.G. & Clean Guns
16. Reckless Driving - Zilla Rocca (of Clean Guns)
17. Shadowboxin' Freestyle - Clean Guns & DAME
18. A Little Taste - King Bedrock
19. Don't Ask for Shit - Ask
20. Heavyweight Bullies - Nico The Beast & Hannibal (of Triple Nickels)
21. Nonsense - The Fairmount Park Commission
22. F*ck a Hook - Triple Nickels & Zilla Rocca
23. Lord Help Me - M.O.G. & Nico the Beast feat. Angela Rastrelli
24. P.H.I.L.A. - Nico The Beast feat. One Time & Blessa
25. Say Something - Blessa & One Time
26. Beware - The Fairmount Park Commission

One of, if not the best mixtape released this year. This plays more like a sampler than an actual mixtape, no DJ shouts over the tracks, just a sampling of some ill MC's out of Philly over new, exclusive beats and freestyles over well known instrumentals. A lot of you, including myself probably won't be too familiar with some of these MC's but they got skill, trust! This is a sort of introduction to what Beat Garden Ent has in store for an eager public cryin out for the real hip hop. The duo of Clean Guns already have an album out so does member, Nico the Beast who recently released a solo album. The other MC's on here do a get chance to shine and hopefully we'll hear much more from them in the future but for now, pop this in ya stereo and enjoy!