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Like Bahamadia before her, Jean Grae carries the burden of being way too clever a "femcee" for the music business to behold. (For dumbed-down rhymes, go to Gangsta Boo.) When Grae's in battle-rap mode, her vocal clarity and lyrical dexterity remind one of Jay-Z. However, the relationship-focused confessionals elicit an even greater response because they're so darn honest. "Give It Up" or "P.S." sound like profound Emily Dickinson love poems read with a contemporary New York 'hood twist. Grae has always needed to find equally ambitious beats to match her fiery flows, and this time around she's inched a bit closer to that ideal. Some of 9th Wonder's dirty beats (like "Don't Rush Me") may help her win over slightly larger audiences, but even she admits that her "flow don't make appropriate wealth." Of course, if sales reflected skills, This Week would blow up and Grae would be sitting pretty next to P Diddy.

01. Intro 02:33
02. A-Alikes 03:46
03. Cuervo Loco-Skit 01:38
04. Going Crazy 04:46
05. Style Wars F. Block Mccloud 04:06
06. Not Like Me 04:00
07. Supa Luv (Prod. by 9th Wonder) 04:59
08. Give it Up 04:13
09. Whatever 02:23
10. The Wall 04:58
11. Before the Spot-Skit 01:25
12. You Dont Want it 04:44
13. Watch Me 04:27
14. P.S. 05:20
15. Fyre Blazer 03:41
16. Dont Rush Me (Prod. by 9th Wonder) 04:32

I first found out about Jean Grae when I heard this album and it blew me away, not since Bahamadia did a female MC come along and make the kinda noise Jean did. For real hip hop purists, her flow and worldplay were on another level and she stood firm as one the brightest hip hop artists to emerge. For me she still holds the crown for the best female MC out right now but I gotta make a special mention to another dope female MC who's also killin it with her recently released debut, "Shapeshifters", her name is Invincible... can you imagine these two on the same track?! Anyway, for those that slept on this, make sure you check it out and be blown away by one one the best lyricists in the game, male or female!!