01. Murderous Intro
02. Put 'em In The Grave (Funeral Remix)
03. Suicide (Kavorkian Remix) feat. Krypt The Warchild
04. Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story) (6am Remix) feat. R.A. The Rugged Man
05. Dark Castle Interlude
06. When All Light Dies (Yours Or Mine Remix)
07. Serenity In Murder (Painkiller Remix)
08. Heavy Metal Kings (One Remix) feat. Ill Bill
09. Outlive The War (Uppercut Remix) feat. Sean Price & Block McCloud
10. Shadow Business ('94 Blunted Remix) feat. Krypt The Warchild
11. Gutta Music (Al Capone Remix) feat. Chief Kamachi & Reef the Lost Cauze
12. Temples Of Rain Interlude
13. Black Winter Day (Ruff Life Remix)

Here's an exclusive if you ain't copped this already. It was released as a promo when the "Servants In Heaven..." album was released in '06. DJ Kwestion is JMT's tour DJ and also does the scrathces on their albums. Additional production on here from Haze Attacks!