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Jim Snooka was first introduced to Vigilante fans as a feature on the highly acclaimed album "Darko Effect" (Boondocks Saints-NSD 2005). Shortly after, this South Carolina MC showcased his skills on the DJ Bless production album "A Perfect Murder". The single from that album "Blowin Up The Spot" caused an instant buzz on the underground and was placed in rotation by numerous commercial, college, satellite and internet radio stations. "Blown Up The Spot" was the top 5 added song of the week and broke into the top ten single slot on RapAttackLives. com (Issue# 277-April 30, 2007). Snooka's first video from that single moved through the internet like an uncontrollable virus. He showed he could be humorous and thought provoking at the same time. The "Blowin Up The Spot" video became an underground favorite

Jim Snooka is presently moving up the charts faster than NASA's Mars space program. In less than 4 weeks Jim Snooka's single "Hostel" has exploded onto the charts and is causing a seismic impact on commercial and non commercial radio alike. The single "Hostel" was one of the top 5 added records in college (Hip Hop) radio, top 5 underground record, and top 5 mixtape record. " Hostel" was added to over 500 college, satellite, and commercial radio stations. The record is presently playing on 150 college stations, 25 Internet stations and 4 satellite stations. This heat seeker has also found its way into the international radio market. It is presently playing in rotation on stations in the UK, Netherlands, Japan, Poland, Germany, France and Croatia."Hostel" has climbed the charts to # 2 on Rapattacklives, #9 Rapnetwork Record Breakers and the top requested song on Mary Nichols AKA DJ Fusion's syndicated radio show.

1. Intro
2. My God
3. So Bad
4. Leavin'
5. Demandin' Your Time/Phone Message
6. Exclusive #1
7. Good Night
8. Verbal Warning feat. Donnie Darko & Hue Hef
9. The Contender
10. IExcelSlap
11. SB Keyz
12. What U Askin' 4
13. Exclusive #2
14. Blowin' Up The Spot feat. DJ Bless
15. Dirty D
16. Got Damn
17. Kenny's In The Ghetto/Bad Day
18. Hammer Time
19. Hostel
20. Kenny Iz Dead/Outro

Damn, this dude is ill!!! Sounds a cross between DMX & Nine and the beats supplied by DJ Bless are insane! Don't sleep!



DJ Bless Feat Jim Snooka - Blowin Up The Spot

Jim Snooka - Hostel B/W Total Control
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