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01. Intro (prod by J-Slant)
02. Bossin' (prod by Sebmaestria)
03. Hard Rhymes Hard Hittin (prod by J-Slant)
04. From da Six-o
05. Hard at Work (prod by J-Slant)
06. Heavy Traffic
07. Mighty K
08. Truly Unstoppable (prod by J-Slant)
09. Spit Dat Crack
10. I'm a Star (prod By J-Slant)
11. The Big Payback
12. Get Down (prod by The Producer Z)
13. Git Deal Wit
14. Turn My Music Up (prod by J-Slant)
15. Hit Em Kev (prod by The Soundprophets)
16. Speed Of Light (prod by J-Slant)

This mixtape showcases Philadelphia native, Kev Turner, who is a member of the Q-Demented squad along with Des Devious, OuterSpace, Faez One, Iron Kong, King Syze, L-Dorado and others. He has collaborated with a number of artists' including the Caen Project, One Dae and JbL and now brings forth his own project, aided by production courtesy of J-Slant. First, do not miss the Intro because it's actually dope and immediately lets the listener know that they have just encountered a skilled emcee and a talented producer: "So people hear me though; It's gon take a miracle; For y'all to ignore the boy, after y'all hear me flow; Hip Hop's my murder weapon, I scratched off the serial; Get in your girls guts, make honey nut like Cheerio; And she shall overcome without the negro spiritual; When the walls come tumbling down like Jericho." After that.. Kev doesn't let up and hits us with a string of energetic songs attacking each one with conviction. Y'all will love Bossin which is siiiick, perhaps the best joint on here. Sebmaestria on the boards chops up a sample from the 80's Cutting Crew hit, I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight, and with Kev rapping his ass off, if anything is even more passionate than the original. Next track? Another banga. I actually have ever heard this sample being used on a wack song and J-slant keeps up the tradition and does a wicked job making it his own on Hard Rhymes Hard Hittin. Kev Turner: "It's true, West Philly is a jungle like Jumanji; Guess you could say I got the Philadelphia Zoo behind me; Lions and tigers and bears, oh my are they grimey; Criminal generals busting nines that are shiney; And if you talk slick, them bulls'll kick your hiney; You' re not a man, you're a mouse tryna act too mighty; Style outta this world like a UFO sighting; The flying saucer author, rap alien when writing." Kev Turner shows himself to be a very capable emcee. His rhymeschemes are consistent, he's charismatic, he changes up his flow and at times he spits these little gems of wordplay that I found mad entertaining. If you're a fan of AOTP and if you've already checked out the individual members solo albums (King Syze, Doap Nixon, King Magnetic etc), then definitely peep this.