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The Lin Brotherz is a Dutch rap group, that consists of Cilvaringz, Barrakjudah and Moongod Allah. Cilvaringz and Moongod Allah hooked up in 1992 in the Dutch city of Tilburg, to which they also refer as Killa Hill 31013. In telephone jargon, 31 is the international access code for Holland and 013 is the access code to the Tilburg area. In 1994, Barrakjudah joined the group now known as the Lin Brotherz.

After making up a lot of names, like the Henchmen and Fourmation, they decided to call themselves the Lin Brotherz. The Lin Brotherz' main goal is to try to bring back the old, raw, war-like sound that Wu-Tang seems to have lost in the last couple of years. According to fans and even Wu-Tang members they're quite successful in doing that. With Cilvaringz' Wu-Tang rhyming style and Barrakjudah's characteristic style in combination with Moongod's beats, the Lin Brotherz offer a surprisingly raw sound for the die-hard Wu-fans.

Lin Brotherz - a break out from The Henchmen, Popular Dutch group which have a large fan following worldwide, mostly due to their Internet promotions. The group members are Cilvaringz, Origin (aka Barrakjudah), and Moongod Allah. Although all three are classed as MC's and Producers, the bulk of the production duties come courtesy of Moongod Allah.

01. Born Invincible
02. Swordsferatu
03. Cock Back 2000
04. Fuck Y'all
05. The Hall of Double Justice