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Real Name: Jeremy Waterloo
Other Names: Moon
Groups: The Lin Brotherz / Henchmen / Wu-Elements
Albums: Ten Tigers Of Kwantung [2001]; The Return Of The Ten Tigers [2002]

Cilvaringz's producer and also an MC, Most of he's recent works has been mainly production. Member of the Lin Brotherz and CEO of Moonlight records.

One of the last additions to the Wu-Elements and has not been involved in the music scene for a long time now since losing his mother in 2002.

01. Trial of the Broken Blades
[Performed by Origin, and *Fraze]
[Produced by Moongod Allah]

02. Instructor of Death
[Performed by *Doc Blake, and *Coltrane]
[Produced by Moongod Allah]

03. Moon Warriors
[Lin Brotherz, *Most High Brotherz, and *GI Samurai]
[Performed by Cilvaringz, Origin, *Fraze, *Magpie, *Doc Blake, and *GI Samurai]
[Produced by Moongod Allah]

04. Dynasty of Blood
[Performed by Cilvaringz, and *Fraze]
[Produced by Cilvaringz]

05. Saviour of the Soul
[Performed by Moongod Allah, Cilvaringz, *Doc Blake]
[Produced by Moongod Allah]

06. The Wong Masters
[Lin Brotherz]
[Performed by Cilvaringz, and Origin]
[Produced by Moongod Allah]

07. Shaolin Handlock
[Performed by *Magpie]
[Produced by Moongod Allah]

08. Singing Killer
[Performed by Cilvaringz, *Fraze, and *GI Samurai]
[Produced by Moongod Allah]

09. A Taste of Cold Steel
[Performed by Cilvaringz]
[Produced by Moongod Allah]

10. Come Drink With Me
[Performed Origin, and *Magpie]
[Produced by Moongod Allah]

11. Science ["Hidden Track"]
[Performed by Origin]
[Produced by Origin]

The first of two classic albums showcasing the incredible talents of Moongod Allah!