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Hand Over Fist is the latest project album to come out of the Doomtree camp and features the Murder Maker, Mictlan on raps and beats by the currently untouchable Lazerbeak on their self titled effort. With the Doomtree crew album showcasing exactly what the Minnesotan crew are all about, Mictlan kicks the driver of the run away train out of the cabin and puts a brick on the accelerator.

1. Hand Over Fist
2. Suicide Jimmy Snuffa
3. Clam Casino
4. SHUX feat. P.O.S
5. Wolf Tickets
6. LA Raiders Hat
7. Fire on the Watermark
8. Northstarrr
9. Butcher’s Lament
10. Head Full
11. Head Fuller
12. Young Hunger
13. Prizefight