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Life and Death have been placed before a world filled with chaos, flooded with spiritual pestilence. Yet a remnant chose life, and in choosing life a voice is given... a voice that refuses to be bottled in. A voice that not only erupts, but turns into action. Carried by love, it flows into the cities, deserts, dark alleys, every crack and crevice. It travels anywhere the light of Christ is needed. Its a voice that cries out for the hurt, the lost. Because of this voice they can’t help but respond, especially in a world where many heads became paralyzed, not able to step into the full potential of their gifts, blind guides, wounded soldiers who plead the 5th. Like dry bones, they thirst for God’s voice. So the remnant speaks because they have been spoken to. A voice that leads you face to face with Love, despite trends or traditions. When the seed is planted, penetrating roots need no permission. For this very reason, URBAN OPS "WONT DIE IN SILENCE!"

01. Intro
02. Move
03. Road Less Traveled
04. Purpose of It All
05. Struggle to Survive
06. Sink or Swim
07. Intervene
08. Battle of the Flesh
09. Triumphant
10. This Time
11. Hold the Line
12. Fist in the Air
13. Prodigal Son
14. Sleeping Beauty
15. Hear Me Clearly

Driving beats, heartful lyrics, hope, struggle. "Won't Die in Silence" is soulful, underground hip hop, laced with vibes that will touch the chords of your soul.


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