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Nico the Beast, co-founder of Beat Garden Entertainment and one-half of Clean Guns, in a nutshell. After a near-death experience at the age of five years old, and some run-ins with the law at thirteen, Nico grabbed the pen and pad at 14 years old and never looked back.

After becoming a father in 2002 and a husband in 2005, Nico's drive to succeed in hip hop has been unmatched. He

put in work as one-half of Clean Guns for the LP "Sometimes There is Trouble," the mixtape "Living in Harmony," and the free EP "Beat Garden Producer Series #1: Clean Guns = World Domination." He shined on 14 of 26 tracks on the " Mixtape." After numerous live shows in Philly, NYC, and L.A., Nico now presents his first solo album "No Beast So Fierce."

The album is a blend of street and substance, emotion and hardcore lyricism, grit and honesty. Fans of Brother Ali's "Shadows on the Sun" and The Game's "Documentary" are in for another classic debut album. From the "Prelude" to the epic posse-cut banger "One of These Days," Nico leaves no questions unanswered about his life, his place in hip hop, and his quest to make great songs.

Featuring production from Alex Wood, Evolve One, Stupid Genius, Noochman, P. Shaw and Zilla Rocca, the album is a cohesive blend of soulful melodies and neck-breaking bangers. The guest apperances contribute to concepts of the songs--there are no gratuitous cameos. Apperances from Triple Nickels, Toke Jones, MAGr, Slim DSM, 2ew Gunn Ciz, Reef the Lost Cauze, Blessa, Zilla Rocca and Angela Rastelli never overshadow the Beast.

Nico the Beast is a man of his word, and his words aren't to be taken lightly. And "No Beast so Fierce" is the beginning of an inspired career.

1 The Prelude
2 It's Your Choice
3 Feedin Time (feat. 2Ew Gunn Ciz, Blessa Reef The Lost Cauze)
4 Gangsta
5 My Life Is Mine
6 Mark Of The Beast
7 Get Away (feat. Angela Rastelli)
8 Be A Man
9 Play No Games (feat. Zilla Rocca, Magr)
10 I Was Told
11 Be Alright (feat. MOG, Toke Jones)
12 Wanna Rap Wanna Rhyme
13 Lovingt You A Lifetime
14 Croskey Street
15 Philly Codes (feat. Zilla Rocca, 2ew Gunn Ciz)
16 Alone
17 Sunshine (feat. Zilla Rocca)
18 How Real Are You (feat. Slim-DSM, Toke Jones)
19 Fly Wit Me (feat. Angela Rastelli)
20 One Of These Days

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