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Now in 2004, Virtuoso is back with a vengeance for his first nationally-distributed project, "WW2: Evolution of the Torturer." Set for release in an election year, his Omnipotent Records label has partnered with the maverick NYC imprint Raptivism Records to unleash his fury. The album provides some of the most radical content in recent memory, including the controversial lead single “Farenheit 9/11” b/w "Military Intelligence" that plays like a hip-hop soundtrack for Michael Moore’s breakthrough film.

So prepare for another chapter in the eternal saga of Virtuoso and open your mind to the new prodigal son of hip-hop.

1. Dream In
2. Devilish
3. Crematorium
4. War of the Masses feat. Del
5. Two feat. Rise & Shine
6. Military Intelligence feat. Akrobatik
7. Fahrenheit 9/11 feat. Slaine
8. A Pound A Day
9. The Reaper
10. Animal
11. On the Run feat. Jaz-O & Del
12. The Man of the Hour (Prod. by Panik)
13. Dream Out
14. Epilogue feat. Torch

Not as good as his debut release but a very good album nonetheless! Less dark than the last album and he go's for a more political approach. Definitely a sleeper album and should also be in your collection sitting nicely next to "The Voice Of Reason"