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Virtuoso’s fire-breathing battle rhymes and intricate true to life stories have made him one of the hottest new artists on today’s international music scene. His first three singles, "Incinerator", "Beatdown", and "All We Know" have received very positive critical acclaim and heavy radio play worldwide. His debut album, WW1: The Voice of Reason became an instant classic on the independent scene.

Virtuoso’s trail-blazing lyrical genius, packaged in a unique blend of hip-hop, rock, funk and R&B has garnered major media coverage. He has been featured in magazines such as Blaze, Urb, XXL & many more. He has been nominated for the Boston Music Award 3 of the last 4 years, was the subject of two recent feature articles in The Boston Globe, and won The Boston Phoenix Reader’s Poll for the past two years. His dazzling freestyle skills also earned him a final-four finish in the Blaze magazine MC Battle, as well as a write up on the inside cover of The Roots, Things Fall Apart ("Virtuoso’s mind blowing freestyle performance"), and a favorable outcome in his now infamous face-to-face freestyle battle with Wyclef Jean.

Virtuoso sets himself apart from much of today’s popular hip-hop by producing thought provoking music that challenges the negative traditions so prevalent in society.

1. I'm Virtuoso (Prod. by Ninja B)
2. Beatdown (feat. T-Ruckus & Jedi Mind Tricks) (Prod. by Insight)
3. Guaranteed (Prod. by Madsol-Desar)
4. All We Know (feat. Casual & Deltron 3030) (Prod. by Stoupe)
5. One (Prod. by Fakts One)
6. Interlude
7. Slicin Your Wrists (Prod. by Insight)
8. Provoke Me (feat. Reks) (Prod. by Soul Searchers)
9. Keep The Time (Prod. by Panik)
10. Show Respect (Prod. by Beyonder)
11. Orion's Belt (feat. Esoteric & Mr. Lif)
12. Want Me (feat. Iyadonna)
13. Omnipotence (Prod. by Panik)
14. Smash Ta' Piece Theater (Prod. by Ray Fernandes The Accomplice)
15. What We Live (feat. Jaz-O & K.T.) (Prod. by Jaz-O)
16. Interlude
17. Incinerator (Prod. by Beyonder)
18. Remember (Prod. by Que)

An instant classic, don't sleep on this. If you like JMT then this is definitely for you.