Domingo is a producer from east NY that has crafted bangers for your favorite east coast emcees but gets no shine for whatever reason. On this release, the aptly titled The Most Underrated, Domingo provides vintage east coast boom bap for legends, vets, and necomers alike to get busy on. The results do vary, but the production end is solid. Names like Big Daddy Kane, Ras Kass, Canibus, Kool G. Rap,The Beatnuts, Tonedeff, Slug, Immortal Technique, Non Phixion, and Brother Ali show up to bless the tracks lovely. The end result is forty six minutes of dope hip hop music that's full of the grimy, boom bap sound reminiscent of '95.

01. Intro featuring Gino The Ginny
02. Bed Stuy Represent featuring Big Daddy Kane
03. Exactly featuring Joell Ortiz
04. Major Game featuring Guru
05. All Clap featuring Canibus
06. Cold World featuring Termanology
07. Street Hustle featuring Immortal Technique
08. Bootleg Interlude
09. Next Dose featuring Rugged Intellect and Ras Kass
10. Get Live featuring The Beatnuts
11. One Hundred Roundz featuring Kool G Rap
12. Next To Die featuring Deacon The Villain
13. Two Step featuring Born Unique
14. Caught Between Worlds (Remix) featuring Non Phixion
15. What's That featuring Precise
16. Easy Now featuring Tonedeff
17. Fuck You Mean featuring PackFM, Slug and Brother Ali

This was a quiet one when it dropped last year, why? I got no idea because this album is bangin'!!! From the old skool mc's to the new skool, you got a bit of everything on here and you can't really go wrong when you got East Coast vet Domingo lacing the tracks with some good ol' fashioned throwback sounds. This was one of the most slept on albums by one of the most underrated producers in the game so do yourself a favor, download, enjoy and bump that shit loud! One more little thing, the last 2 tracks for me are my absolute favourites. Tonedeff is a legend and does a great narration over a latin tinged beat for Easy Now and the same can be said for the underground powerhouses of Rhymesayers labelmates Slug & Brother Ali and also QN5's punchline king PackFM, who absolutely murder the last track Fuck You Mean.