The long awaited debut solo LP whutduzFMstand4? from New York's Hip-Hop Punchline King - PackFM. The MC notorious for insane amounts of wit and craft began 2006 with his release of "2006 Rap-Preview", a precursor to his LP. PackFM has received praise for his stage performance and lyrics both in the US and internationally. His ability to combine the braggin' rites of Hip-Hop with a futuristic twist is something that sets this veteran MC apart from most artists in the game.

1. The Fuck
2. Spell It With A K
3. I Can't Win
4. Click Clack & Spray
5. Lessons
6. Nigga Pass
7. Stomp
8. Kilt It
9. Excuses feat. iCON the Mic King
10. Free-Esta
11. Upclose And Personal feat. Substantial
12. Token Love Song
13. Suzie
14. Ugly Woman feat. Extended F@mm
15. Forevershine
16. whutduzFMstand4?

Producers: Domingo; Static; Elite; Deacon The Villain; Croup; Tonedeff; Redd; Kno

This was voted UGHH's "Hip Hop Album of the Year" back in 2006, need I say more. This is for the sleepers out there and I'm sure there's a fair few. Don't sleep this time, classic material right here!