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Doomtree is a record label. Doomtree is a rap crew. Doomtree is a family. Over the past five years Doomtree has become one of the most highly regarded hip-hop collectives in the Midwest, thanks to our innovative recordings, explosive live shows, and tireless work ethic. By combining the blueprint of hip hop with the DIY ethos of punk and a slew of disparate artistic and musical influences, Doomtree has won the favor of a broad range of audiences. We are as likely to find fans at indie rock shows as we are at rap shows or basement dance parties. In the past several years the collective has grown to include the lyrical and production talents of more than a dozen core members. The members of Doomtree come from a wide variety of backgrounds and musical interests, but join together to create some of the most forward-thinking beats and rhymes this side of 1987.

As a family, Doomtree cannot be effed with. One journalist recently described our remarkable personal investment in one another as a vise-grip. Most members even live together, and each is committed to ensuring the happiness and success of the tribe. That doesn't really happen too much, and bottom line: we are all incredibly grateful that we have somehow found each other.

1. Close Your Ears (intro)
2. Drumsticks
3. Gander Back
4. The Wren
5. Gameshow Host
6. Dots & Dashes
7. Game Over
8. Real Class (interlude)
9. Last Call
10. Accident
11. Sadie Hawkins
12. The Walrus (interlude)
13. Twentyfourseven
14. Let Me Tell You, Baby
15. Down The Line
16. Kid Gloves
17. Pop Gun War
18. Reintroduction
19. Liver Let Die
20. I'm Talking
21. Jaded

The first "official" record by the entire crew. By "official" we mean that this is what we mean—and have meant all along. After years of burying songs in the back yard or putting out False Hopeses that we could brush off as experiments, this is pretty much exactly what we've been trying to do. And we're owning up to it, son. Hate on it. Love on it. We certainly do both, and couldn't be more excited for you to feel feelings with and all over us. Yikes.

Seriously, this album has something you'll like on it. If it doesn't then you have no business calling yourself a fan of hip hop or popular music in general. Speaking of which, do you call yourself a fan of music often? In public? Like "I am a fan of music, and I do not care for this"? That's not all that cool, dude. Keep that shit to yourself.


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