Wildelux has been working on this album for 3 years now, and even though that seems like a long time, the quality of "Hustlemania" suggests that he's been working on it for much longer. I mean, the album is just THAT incredible. I think it's great that some artists out there are still keeping it real, and caring about the music that they put on the shelf. Wildelux is definitely worthy of extreme publicity and praise, but for that to happen, people need to open their eyes and realize what hip hop really is. If you are looking for real hip hop, then look no further. "Hustlemania" is the album you need. It is consistently amazing all the way through, boasting classics such as "Public Secret," "This 1 4 U," "Hungastrike," "Won't Die," "High Voltage," "Hustlemania," and pretty much every single other track on the album for that matter. Don't sleep on this album! Support real hip hop, and I promise you will not be disappointed. It is a real treat to listen to, and a definite gem in the rap game.

Listen/Download: Hungastrike

1. The Commencement ( Dj Lord Ron)
2. Public Secret ( Clav Split)
3. Limited Edition ( Mega Lawge)
4. This 1 4 U feat. Derek Strong ( Sentense)
5. Hungastrike ( Djimon)
6. Aim High ( Dj Lord Ron)
7. The Feel Good ( Sentense)
8. Won't Die ( Suff Daddy)
9. Optimal Performance feat. Rico Won & Derek Strong ( Sentese)
10. Journey J.B. ( Djimon)
11. Here I Go Again ( Mac)
12. High Voltage ( Freshmaker)
13. 2nd Hand Smoked ( Sentense)
14. Hustlas N Hardcore ( Djimon)
15. Broken Dreams ( Sentense)
16. Today's Special feat. Freespeech ( Sentense)
17. Geto Vets feat. Mr.Bakka ( Mac)
18. Hustlemania ( Sentense)
19. Unkut Akshun ( Djimon)
20. Hustlemania Remix feat. Locksmith ( Mega Lawge)
21. Forgotten Soulz feat. Locksmith ( Sentense)

OK people, thought I'd re-up my very first post on this blog over 3 months ago. For those that let this album slip past them, now you get another chance to cop this album I've recently elevated to "Classic" status. Yep, it's that good! Production is mindblowing sometimes, every track that comes on, you'll be like " It can't get any better than this"... seriously, I felt like that when I gave it a couple of spins. Don't sleep... I don't re-up for nothin'!!!


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