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New Jersey native, Hasan Salaam is back! After a short hiatus hes set to release his new album “Children Of God” which is a prelude to his highly anticipated new project “Life In Black & White” which is due to hit stores Spring 2009. The new album “Children Of God” features collaboration tracks with the likes of Hip Hop icon Masta Ace, Lord Jamar, Badsportt, Rugged N Raw, Maya Azucena and many more.

With production from Impaq, Lord Jamar, Craig Rip, Kasim Keto, Def Dom, and more. These are the sounds of the modern day spiritual, warrior boom bap, sun of the blues, martyr music you hearing. Freedom songs inked with blood, sweat, and tears. The soundtrack of life.


01. Conception
02. Best Time to Pray
03. Insomniac Pt. I (Nightfall) feat. DJ GI Joe
04. Histoty of Violence feat. Badsportt
05. Angel Dust feat. Lord Jamar
06. Deliver My Soul feat. Majesty & Maya Azucena
07. Cultue Shock
08. The Uprock feat. Masta Ace
09. The Downrock feat. Rugged N Raw, Badsportt & Smarty Pants
10. 15 Minutes
11. The Reign (Wudu)
12. Suga
13. Children of God
14. How to Make a Nigger
15. Someplace
16. Blessed feat. SOS, Aja & Elijah
17. Kingdom of Heaven
18. Prelude to "Life in Black & White"

If you don't know Hasan Salaam, get familiar!!! This guy right here is one dope MC, his debut album Paradise Lost was an instant classic filled with politically charged rhymes and backed by some real nice production. This is the first of 2 albums he'll be releasing with Life In Black & White coming in early 2009. Trust me when I say this, Hasan is a one of a kind MC and you'd be a fool not to check out his back catalogue. He knows what to say and how to say it, within his political rhymes, you'll find him also reaching out to the youth and everyday people who go through daily trials and tribulations and he makes you listen... because what he says always makes sense so don't sleep on Hasan and let him be a true voice for the people!!!


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