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Originally from San Diego, started off breaking in the mid 80's. Since the first time he heard Hip Hop, he's been hooked. Mr. Brady started experimenting with rhymes around '88. It wasn't until 90-91 when he started taking it serious and began going to the lab and laying tracks down. He started off putting tracks down on 4 tracks. By 93-94 Mr. Brady started putting out tapes and selling them in the streets independently. By 94 he was featured on his first vinyl and was well accepted by the true Hip Hop world. By '96 he had and album out and 2 vinyl singles. His music led him to Vancouver where he met up with Swollen members and was signed to Battle Axe Records in 98-99. He was featured on 6 or more compilations and released two albums with Battle Axe that was released world-wide. He worked with such artists as Swollen Members, Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Moka only. LMNO, OHNO, and move. He has done multiple Tours and Shows from the U.S. to All of Canada. Opening for such acts as Slum VIllage, KRS-ONE, The Liks, Wu-Tang, THe Vans Warp Tour, and more. Now Years Later He met up with Johaz to Form the Group DEEP ROOTED, to bring about a soulful vibe for the whole world to feel. With a bigger picture in mind, they hooked up with conscious street poet Sha-dulla to form the label OPEN MYNDZ ENT.

01. Dirty Intro
02. Warpaint feat. Buc Fifty
03. Hip Hop Apostles
04. Lifestyles
05. Critical Thinking
06. Who feat. Abstract Rude & LMNO
07. Let My Record Rotate
08. Peace Of Mind
09. Summer Lightning feat. Swollen Members
10. Dusty Noise
11. We Stay Hungry
12. Ground Up
13. Smoke Break
14. Skills feat. Evidence
15. Disgusting
16. Don’t Stop
17. Under Street Lights feat. Buc Fifty
18. Sloppy Seconds
19. Rob’s Break
20. One With The Wind
21. Neck Snap Fiend
22. Sound Clash
23. Masters Of Ceremony
24. Raid
25. Mudslide
26. Dirty Outro

Producers: Mr. Brady, Rob The Viking, Evidence, Brisk 1 & Nucleus