Lord Jamar's choice to craft a solo album, near-bereft of his Brand Nubian brethren, is a risky one. Stepping away, to some degree, from his established sound and lyrical content, Jamar excels melding abstract Islamic concepts with solid, if not amazing production. The album's production, though never terrible, never transcends its murky palette, but Jamar's lilting drawl pushes each track to a higher level. The religious message blatantly strewn across the album's canvas can be heavy-handed at times, but is to be lauded for its effort to weave consciousness with classic hip hop. Jamar's solo album is too long and weighed down by extraneous skits, but is still chock full of enjoyable highlights.

01. Intro (Prod. Lord Jamar)
02. Original Man ft. Raekwon & Kasim Allah (Prod. Preservation)
03. I.S.L.A.M. (Prod. Lord Jamar)
04. Supreme Mathematics [Born Remix] (Prod. Preservation)
05. W-G.O.D. [skit] (Prod. Lord Jamar)
06. Freedom (Papa Wu) Interlude (Prod. Lord Jamar)
07. The Corner, The Streets ft. Grand Puba (Prod. Big Throwback)
08. Same Ole Girl ft. Prodigal Sunn (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
09. P.S.A. [skit] (Prod. Lord Jamar)
10. Revolution ft. Reality Allah & Horse (Prod. Reality Allah)
11. Deep Space ft. RZA (Prod. Preservation)
12. Young Godz ft. Young Justice, Young Dirty & Young Lord (Prod. Young Lord aka GZA)
13. Yakub Da Jeweler [skit] (Prod. Lord Jamar)
14. Advance The Game (Prod. Lord Jamar)
15. The Cipher ft. 40 Bandits [Jasik Allah, Ralo, Nat Turner & Rated R] (Prod. Gensu Dean)
16. The Interview [skit] (Lord Jamar)
17. Givin' Up (Lord Jamar)
18. Study Ya Lessons ft. Sadat X & Queen Tahera Earth (Prod. Reality Allah)
19. Freedom (Papa Wu) Reprise (Prod. Preservation)
20. Greatest Story Never Told (Prod. Gensu Dean)
21. Supreme Mathematics [Knowledge Mix] Chuck Wilson & Lord Jamar)