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The Jacksonville, Florida based trio is a collision of talents from two different projects -- Therapy, of the AB's (formerly known as Asamov) and Daisey & Batsauce, of Heavenly Noise -- each having their own appeal to the underground urban music scene. They come together to create a unified sound with a positive and personable vocal experience over beats with a "lo-fi essence of the real." A true-school sound, that will undoubtedly take you back to your roots and leave you smiling into the future.

The Smile Rays are proud to announce their debut domestic LP "Smilin' On You", released on Rawkus/6hole Records. In 2007, the Smile Rays released a full length "Party Place" and an EP exclusively in Japan, as well as a 12" single in Germany.

The Smile Rays have many projects and ventures for 2008 and beyond. As well as promoting and touring in support of their release, Smilin' on You, the individual members of the Smile Rays are recording new solo and group material. Stay tuned...

01. By Design Three
02. Chicken
03. Smilin On You Feat. Akrobatik
04. Funky Wombat
05. Almost There Feat. The Abs
06. Serious Bidness
07. Trust
08. Trippin’ Feat. Willie Evans Jr.
09. Lonely Room
10. The Funk Is Back