With two solo records and a Jedi Mind Tricks' affiliated compilation of rare cuts and B-Sides under their belts (cumulative scans of 22,500+ units), Outerspace, the Philadelphia based duo of Planetary and Crypt The Warchild (and core members of the 40,000+ scanning Army of the Pharaohs supergroup), offer their third solo album: God's Fury. The tag team has been bubbling in the hardcore/underground scene ever since being taken under the wing of indie-powerhouse Jedi Mind Tricks. Now, with an entrenched profile in the indie hip-hop scene as well as the fully branded cosign of retail powerhouse Jedi Mind Tricks, Outerspace is poised to take the market by storm with the third installment in their already impressive solo discography. With features from Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), Armaggedon (Terror Squad), Psycho Realm and fellow Army of the Pharaohs members King Syze, Doap Nixon, King Magnetic & Des Devious, God's Fury is another storied entry into the Jedi Mind Tricks/Army of the Pharaohs' affiliated group's catalog.

01. Laws of Fire (Intro) [1:09]
02. Hail Mary [3:51]
03. Quick Draw ft. Doap Nixon & Lawrence Arnell [4:09]
04. What the Future Holds [3:36]
05. Lost Battles ft. Reef the Lost Cauze [3:49]
06. Is It A Crime (Interlude) [1:38]
07. American Me [3:37]
08. Gods and Generals 2 ft. King Syze & Des Devious [4:11]
09. Living the Life [3:01]
10. Anointing of the Sick ft. Abdiel & Psycho Realm [4:51]
11. Mourning Sun (Interlude) [1:30]
12. Nicko [4:34]
13. The Killing Fields ft. Vinnie Paz & King Magnetic [4:29]
14. Love Don't Pay [3:29]
15. The Last Supper ft. Chief Kamachi & Celph Titled [4:59]
16. Our Father [3:27]

This album is dope, not as good as their first effort but probably as good if not better than their last album Blood Brothers. They decide to keep it close to home this time around by getting the majority of the AOTP camp on here. The beats didn't really jump out at me like they did on their last two albums but lyrically, they get better and better, especially Planetary, who is one of my favorite MC's from AOTP. I'd definitely day this is better than the Doap Nixon and King Syze albums, now it's left to JMT to see what kind of album they release for me to decide which is the best release from the AOTP camp this year. As it stands, this is the best one so far.


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