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Tony Stone is known as a producer. He has produced dozens of songs for a number of Christian Hip-Hop artists ranging from Braille to Cross Movement. Production is his passion, but he also is an emcee in disguise! As with his varying production styles, The Creation is an album that demonstrates his underground hip-hop style of beats and flows. This is his first solo project, and you can expect that no two Tony Stone albums will sound the same.

What is The Creation about?

The name of the album may lead one to think that the album is in fact "the creation", but in reality, the title of the album points to Jesus Christ, the Creator of all. The album is about defending the Creationist view- the truth that the world was created by the God of the Bible, designed intelligently, and set in order for the purpose of glorifying Christ Jesus- all in contrast to the view of Evolution and it's spawn, Darwinism. Listen to Tony Stone come from different angles to nail home the point of creation and it's implications.

1. We Made It
2. Tapestry
3. Goodness feat. Braille
4. Round N Round
5. D.I.C.E. feat. Braille
6. Boast
7. Creation Interlude
8. Parts
9. Thank You
10. I Know feat. Braille
11. Nobody
12. Look How Far feat. Braille
13. Ms. O Ginny Part 2 feat. Verses
14. I'm Out feat. Braille