What's in a name?

Defining his name, MaGestiK LeGenD says, “It is a goal in itself. I feel like every song I write is another chapter in my story. I feel music is timeless. The music outlives most artist that make it. So when all is said and done and I pass on, my music will still be here speaking for me. That story will be my “majestic” legend.”

The Legend Unfolds.

MaGestiK LeGenD was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Early on his parents were very influential constantly exposing him to jazz and the soulful Motown era. At an early age he was introduced to Hip-Hop during the start of the golden era. His early hunger thrived by a starving Midwest scene prompted MaGestiK LeGenD to enter talent showcases and he started making a name for himself winning emcee battles and getting second place at the 2002 Scribble Jam. However battles were just an exercise and producing, writing songs and performing are where MaGestiK LeGenD’s bread & butter are at. Back in high school MaGestiK LeGenD became a member of the group 9-2-5 Colony, consisting of Nick Speed and Elzhi (of Slum Village). This crew gave him a chance to not only MC but to try his hand at production.

The MaGestiK LeGenD Experience.

Now with a solid foundation MaGestiK LeGenD has gradually changed to a more global focus. Setting his sites on shows overseas, songwriting, and being a complete producer. With plenty of performing experience from touring nationally, MaGestiK LeGenD has developed a very high energy live show that will entertain you and actually make you FEEL where he is coming from. He has performed w/ a long list of artist, including George Clinton, Wu-tang, Ludacris, De La Soul, Rakim, Saul Williams, and Redman. MaGestiK has been featured on projects w/ Elzhi , One Be Lo, and Capital D to name a few.

The Release.

While still shopping deals and researching distribution avenues for his debut LP. MaGestiK LeGenD recently decided to take the independent route and release the FREE MAGESTIK LEGEND Project strictly for his fans. The FREE Project is just that, free and available for download at his website The FREE Project is dedicated to giving back to those who have supported his release since day one.

When you have an album this good, and it's given away for free then you gotta sit up and take notice. this album is fire all the way through. The best free album I've ever heard, don't sleep on this!

NOTE: Link below will take you to his site where you'll find the DL link for a dirty or clean version.