This Super Emcee combines with Super Producer from Hungary to make one of the best Hip Hop Albums of 2008. It has substance , originality , raw lyrics , wordplay and Bangin' Beats ranging from a DJ Premier to DJ Hi-Tek Style. it also features KRS-ONE.

"Cymarshall Law represents the best hip hop has to offer his energy and passion is refreshing in todays climate " - Talib Kweli

"Cymarshall Law has his own flow and originality that Hip Hop lacks plus lyrics" - Wordsworth

Soon The balance will be brought back to the living force we've come to know as Hip Hop. The Soul is the the purest most raw part of any living thing and the lack of these elements have forced people to claim Hip Hop is dying but this couldn't be far enough from the truth. Refreshing New MC , Producer Tag Team of Cymarshall Law ( New Jersey ) & Mr. Joeker ( Hungary ) are presenting to the world an album that could only be defined as Raw, Pure , Original Hip Hop from the Soul in other words what Hip Hop has been missing, the boys are not claiming saviors but some may say otherwise. The Albums's lead single is a mash hit on college radio CONTROL feat. the legendary KRS-ONE! Hip Hop in the Soul is Cymarshall Law's follow up to his 2007 Album Hip Hop in the Flesh which Rawkus Records courted Law for to release the album digitally. Mr. Joeker who is also an MC in a prolific Hungarian Hip Hop group known as Hosok ( Heros ) has won 5 music contests with his amazing production skills. Joeker is a producer who seems limitless in his style and creativity, he has learned from all the great producers from Jay Dilla , DJ Premier, Pete Rock and more but unlike other producers has kept his originality and own style while still paying homage to greats that came before him in a way that is sure to raise many eyebrows of even the pioneers he pays homage too. Many are saying the project is an early contender for Indie Hip Hop Album of the Year. The project is testament to all Hip Hop stands for. Together with Law's uncanny wordplay and lyrical skill it guarantees their first album plenty of playback time all across earth. The Album Hip Hop in The Soul commands attention and is destined to become a favorite of Hip Hop lovers new and old.

01. Intro To The Soul
02. The Takeoff (Getting It)
03. I’m A MC ( Hip Hop In The Soul)
04. Control feat. KRS-One
05. They Gon Know feat. Skit Slam
06. Truth feat. Skit Slam & Supastition
07. Stick And Stones
08. Out Of The Rain feat. Mary Lou
09. Love, Sex Or What
10. Greed
11. No Explanation
12. Live While You Can
13. Sorry
14. King With 4 Wives

Don't pass this one up, it's definitely one of the best albums this year. The beats are ridiculously ill and Cy Law has definitely grown as an MC since his last album. This is sure to be a classic in the near future!