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Disciple: One who has learned to believe in the truth of the doctrine of his teacher and helps to spread that Doctrine to others.

The Teacher- Hip Hop Music, The Learner- i-D.

The duo met in Colorado Springs, CO. in 2004 through a mutual friend and eventually became members of Fortified Sounds, a recording facility and DJ haven on the cities West Side. Ben Bounce, a St. Louis transplant, DJ and Producer. Konflik, the MC and avid beatmaker, quickly recognized each others talents. Although from two completely different backgrounds, they bonded through music and developed a chemistry together. Both recognized what Hip Hop had turned into in the eyes of the masses; A watered down Pop that lost its heart and Soul. Something had to change.

After Bounce returned to St. Louis, the two remained in close contact. Both were anxious to get something going. The only problem was the 830 miles of Highway between them. Thanks to dedication, preparation, cellular phones and Emails, the two started making strides. Kon had taken on a job driving trucks coast to coast, and the two had plenty of time to exchange ideas. The Compass was born was born shortly after.

The plan was to create an album that would help provide direction to a lost and wandering Hip Hop Nation. It turned into much more.

The Compass gives you a look into the inner workings of both artists and the Duo as a whole. By combining elements of Rock, Soul, Folk, Funk and Classical, Ben Bounce invites the listener in. The Golden Age soundtrack provides comfort for ears that they hadn’t heard in some time. Then, clear and concise, Kon assaults the ears with lyricism. In the tradition of the MC, Kon speaks directly to the listener. He takes you on journeys through life, love, politics and science fiction, each time drawing you closer and closer to his world and making you more aware of the world surrounding yourself.

Listen, enjoy and believe that Hip Hop is alive and well.

01. An Introduction 1:26
02. Next to Left 3:07
03. Anytime 2:53
04. One By One 4:18
05. Blast Fools ft. Jersey and Spark1 3:32
06. The Empty Prophets 3:43
07. Love Is 4:41
08. The Lowercase 5:11
09. # 9 4:42
10. Flo Spitta 3:56
11. You, Me and Us 4:05
12. Voice NA ft. Nato Caliph 4:14
13. The Garden State Anthem (Remix) ft. Nite Owl and Jersey 4:11
14. Today and Tomorrow ft. Pahzazz 3:27
15. The Light 4:44
16. Lucci ft. Nato Caliph 3:39
17. Supervillainous 6:48